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Free Lightroom Tips and Photo Critique – Week 8

Free Lightroom Tips and Photo Critique – Week 8 This weeks Lightroom tips…. This week we have 5 shots and lots of lightroom tips, including white balance, cropping and using the “whites” slider to correct levels. Free, anonymous Lightroom Tips - Submit now for next week This is currently a free service for…

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Drive-by Shooting in India and Why I Love It

Use Your Time – Don’t Let it Pass You By… Inevitably, you will spend a lot of time in cabs if you’re travelling around (or between) cities in India. The roads are horrendously packed and going 10 miles can take 2 hours if you’re unlucky. So as a photographer you…


5 Tips on Photography in India

Photography in India…. Got a trip to India Planned? Well here are 5 tips for photographing a most wonderful country for photography…. Take as little kit as you can Its the “people” not the “places” which count Don’t bother taking a tripod Don’t go for the obvious shots Be prepared for…


BiY Inspired Awards 2014

The Inaugural BiY Awards 2 years ago, Louise Turner had an idea – to recognise small and micro businesses working in Yorkshire, on Friday 3rd October it became a reality. You can read all about it on her blog     Solopreneur Award   Rather delighted to announce that McFade won…


Free Lightroom Tips and Photo Critique – Week 5

Free Lightroom Tips and Photo Critique – Week 5 This weeks Lightroom tips…. Week 5 - Elephant, Dogs, church and a huge fountain This week we have a great mix where we see some ideas on:- burning to reduce background distractions alternative crops ideas on processing/sharpness/noise reduction discussion on composition And…

002 The Video Agency Ltd opening day

The “X-Factor” Problem

“False Praise” on Social Media I joined my first online community in 2004 – it’s called EPhotozine – and since then I’ve learned an incredible amount from the site, lots of useful tips from more advanced photographers guided me away from common mistakes. However, what has been a perpetual gripe…


Editing Yorkshire Landscape Photos in Lightroom

Here are some great tips on editing a yourkshire landscape shots, just using Lightroom. It’s a tree near Airton. There are before and after shots of the scene – plus a YOUTUBE video showing how it’s done! http://www.mcfade.co.uk/training/lightroom-landscape-lesson/  


Get Me to the Shoot On Time!

The Problem… Hard to say isn’t it – what are the roads like, is there traffic? Anything else? The “Geeky” Solution… Here’s what I started doing… Get your phone out Open your satnav – download “WAZE” if you don’t have one Type in the destination address Let it work out…


Laura – Vintage Model Photography

Classic Vintage Model Photography Laura’s got that vintage look – the Monroe-esque hair leaves you in no doubt! She’s actually considering working as a Marilyn Monroe Lookalike in future. On this model portfolio shoot we went somewhere timeless, Saltaire. The park offered lots of props and backdrops for us to create that…


Coast – Trinity Leeds

Coast Trinity Leeds Glamour Magazine and Prom Events Trinity Leeds most recent events, Glamour Magazine and Prom Night, have seen fashion shop Coast bustling with customers, champagne, chocolates and we’ve been down capturing events on camera. Thanks for the invite go to Chloe Chong, in Yellow on this next shot,…


7 HDR Photos of Leeds

7 HDR Photos of Leeds – Swinegate & Calls In Leeds, where the canal and Aire merge, there’s The Calls and Swinegate. Streets on the inner ring road with some fantastic brick buildings to photograph, especially great for HDR as you can pull lots of detail out of those walls. Maybe…


Dr Lovelution

Joe Cusimano Founder of the Lovelution Movement, Joe Cusimano met for a shoot in Halifax – sheltering from the rain under a few of its viaducts! What is Lovelution… From his Viva La Lovelution Facebook page, Joe says… Join the Lovelution: Follow your Heart, Shine your Light,Seek the Truth and…


Photographer Type 3 – The Compositor

Who are they….? Tortured Visionaries who take photos of stuff, cut it out and bung them all together in a hybrid shot. There is usually some deep story behind the image and the challenge is for you, the viewer, to work it out. They go for months without touching their…


Fire on the Moors!

The Grande Finale! We started a series of Night Workshops back in November 2013 – 15 workshops taking people from Nidderdale in the north to Huddersfield in the west, Parks and moors, city centres and saw dozens of photos edited for the attendees. The final night was thankfully a dry…


1 – Geek and Tech Addicts

You’ll know these as they’ll ask you what camera you have before anything else. Then move on to whether you’ve heard about the new camera they’ve heard speculated about on the forums, and how it’s ISO performance “blows out of the water” your camera… He is in a state of…


Photography appeals to EVERYONE!

It’s unique isn’t it – this photography thing. It appeals to retired men and teenage girls It’s used by bohemian artists and geeky computer programmers. It’s as slow and contemplative as fishing, or as fast and furious as grand prix racing. It’s a fun pastime, or a serious competitive sport.…


60 second interview….

Just been asked to do one of these things… so thought I’d share!   Q. What do you do for a living? I help add personality to businesses by replacing tired, generic “stock library images” with stunning photos of their people, place, products, suppliers… to make their website tell their…

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