1 – Geek and Tech Addicts


You’ll know these as they’ll ask you what camera you have before anything else. Then move on to whether you’ve heard about the new camera they’ve heard speculated about on the forums, and how it’s ISO performance “blows out of the water” your camera…

He is in a state of “always craving more kit”, and longing for a Canon 1DX or a Nikon D4 camera body, and a 500mm F4 L lens, that’s what keeps him interested.

Conversation always get around to what he could do if only he had a #insert new bit of kit here#. Then they’ll quote between 2 and 8 different reviews on the thing they are interested in and debate which of the 14 sellers they’ve checked out on EBAY to go with.

The Geek will be full of numbers, stats and reasons to do things – but probably doesn’t do that much actual photography.

The enjoyment is the research and acquisition of kit rather than making images. Sure, they will create some technical masterpieces on the few occasions they go out, but they’re not as motivated to “use” the camera as they are to “talk about it” .

They rarely, if ever, photograph people.


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