13 Snowy Yorkshire Dales Photos

Snowy Settle and Malham – in the Yorkshire Dales

It’s not been the snowiest of winters, but on a trip out with Richard Spurdens, we were treated to some great snowy scenes.

Add to that fast moving clouds and ever changing light, you get infinite variety without having to move far at all.

The trip started near settle where we got the bush and tree shots – lots of walls creating strong shadows on the white snow. Views across to Pen Y Gent were Impressive, using Richard’s 400mm prime you can see the walls and cliffs in detail.

From there we headed to Scalebar Force, which was snow free… we still got lots of photos, but that’s for another blog!

Finally we went to the inevitable Malham Rakes Tree for a sunset which never really got going.

It was cold – really cold – but we had a great day and got some great shots.

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