Photographer Type 2 – Floral and Lace

Or digital artists – these are very popular on all the photo sharing websites, their natural home is Deviant Art.

Often young and female, with attractive friends who resemble extras from “Skins” – they take moodily posed photos, often with a bag, teddy bear or some other large prop, in woodlands or derelict buildings.

Furry Texture


I’ve not got any of these shots in my portfolio, but here is some fur which could be used on the photo…. read on… 

Then in Photoshop, they lavishly apply filter after filter to introduce “lens flare”, layers of lace textures, maybe some words or musical score to one side of the model, faded colours and sepia tints always add to the final effect.



Flaking paint – perfect to add that pained, misunderstood, angst ridden feel to any beautiful model’s face… 

Their hard drive is awash with photos of hessian sacks, lace, crumpled brown paper bags and flaking paint, which reveals rust below.

The end result is like a Victorian book illustration.

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