3 Easy Steps to Photography Mastery

3 Easy Steps to Photography Mastery

You want to make friends say “wow” when they see your photography?
You want to know how to do it…. well read on!

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed path to mastering photography, but there are 3 steps you can take to help get you from boring “point and shoot” shots, to “wow” shots.

1 – Find something interesting to shoot

267 ribblesdale yorkshire landscape
Mastering photography is easier in interesting places!

This is so blatantly obvious that I’m surprised I’ve mentioned it, but so many images are dull, dull, dull.

You definitely CAN get great images from dull things, once you’ve mastered composition (see item 2) and camera control (see item 3). But to hedge your bets, find things which are actually interesting.

What is interesting?

It is subjective – but generally, unusual stuff, things out of the norm, are more interesting. Shadows are fleeting, they can be interesting. Spirals in stair cases can be interesting. Getting down low (on your belly) can make things look interesting.

Anything taken at normal head height is likely to be less interesting than taken from high up, or low down.

Also, timing is important – that’s why landscape photographers do sunsets and sun rises, the light changes with the time of day. Red skies and soft sunset light is more interesting than bright, harsh mid day sun, if you’re shooting hills and fields.

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