3 Tips on Looking Like Leaders – Show How You Work

How do you do what you do….

Simon Sinek’s hugely popular TED TALK talk on branding talks about:-

  • Why you do what you do
  • How you do it
  • What you make/do

If you’ve not seen it – here it is on YOUTUBE – it’s well worth a look.


If you look at the “why” – that’s usually a mission statement, tricky to photograph, but the “how” is something which we can support with great images.

“How” you do something is a huge part of your offering – being seen as experts and using an expert team helps make you the “go-to” supplier.

Show People How You Work

Photographing you or your team in action instantly tells people a massive amount. If gives personality to the images, it’s evidence you exist & that you have a team, it shows you the “vibe” of your organisation…. and much more.

Here are a few examples from the McFade Archives

1 Show your “skilled workers”

If you have a team on the workshop floor, showing each step of what they do instantly hints what they do – a small explanation is all that is needed. Far more effective than copy alone.

These images are from a light industrial company with a huge variety of processes – each page on their website had an image at the top to introduce the process. How many people do you think just looked at the photo, not bothering to read the text?


A huge car supermarket chain prides itself in using all the latest technology and skilled mechanics on each car as it arrives.

A cabinet maker in action – the concentration on his face says it all!

Add some personality to your bar photos with your “mixologist” in action

2 – Show Yourself In Action

If you’re self-employed then you can show yourself being the expert. This is Oksana, a personal trainer, we wanted to create some dramatic image to attract the right type of clients. What better than showing Oksana “walking the walk”? 

If you’re a consultant, then how about visiting a client site and doing some of your tasks. Gavin helps hotels grow and trains their staff, here are a few shots of him in different scenarios.


3 – Show Yourself Presenting

Only experts get invited to talk at conferences – right?

Well probably yes, so what better opportunity to lift your profile than having someone take images of you in action – with an engaged audience hinted at with blurry heads in the foreground.

This is website expert Andy Firth talking to a packed room in Sheffield

Gary King presenting at a business seminar

Rachel Hatfield sharing her Social Media expertise


Be First In People’s Minds

When people think of your industry – you want them to think of you FIRST. Then you want them to think you are are THE GO TO EXPERT.

Support this with great images of not only what you do but HOW YOU DO IT and you’ll see your business recommendations sky rocket. 


A few more recent examples


Craftsman making bath bombs!
Web developers creating
Electrical engineer testing with latest iPad software

Gas fitter servicing a boiler

Team re-processing lots of waste fluid containers

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