5 Shots of Ferrybridge



2013 is no more… I needed some new shots so on Thursday 2nd of Jan, 2014 I hit the road over to Ferrybridge to see if the sun was hitting the steam clouds over the cooling towers.

It was to an extent, my usual spot by the canal gave some reasonable long exposure shots – and I found the bridge over the A1 which has become a popular place to stop for some dusk shots with the A1 in the fore ground.

The one above is a vintage looking thing – made with Nik Analog EFEX, a photoshop plugin which simulates techniques and cameras from a bygone era.

Just seems to give that 1950’s feel to the shot – like the earliest photos of motorways which we see on the telly.





So here’s another shot from the same vantage point

The railings on the bridge are too high for most tripods, so you can only really shoot from here.

The curve of the road mirrored the fence so thought a shot with that included would work. Also the little tree protectors looked pretty cool.





From the canal, a shot with a 10-stop filter making it a 30 second exposure in bright sunshine. Always surreal.

Reduced clarity and added blur give it a softer, dreamy effect, to compliment the soft steam clouds.





A slightly more zoomed in view of the A1 – taking in the carved hill side and path of the roads.





And to finish – a lovely warm shot of the canal.

Probably not a subject many would drive to, but giant cooling towers have always had a certain brooding appeal!






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