5 tips for photography on dull days

Photography on Dull Days…. can you do it?

Its the weekend, you’ve been looking forward to getting the camera out for shoot, but its dull as chuff… grey skies, no shadows or interesting light.

What do you do – abandon the camera?


Ideas for Dull Day Photography

Well here’s a few ideas

  1. Practice flash photography – with a dull background, you can use this to create a moody shot, with the foreground or “model” lit by your flash. Useful when your flash synch speed is only 1/200th etc.
  2. Avoid including skies – they’re dull, lifeless and have no texture, so no real interest
  3. Shoot waterfalls – low light means you can get those long shutter speeds to blur the water
  4. Have a go at HDR inside churches – its dull outside, but light enough to make those stained glass windows glow a bit, so ideal for HDR. If the windows are really bright on a sunny day, it can make even HDR tricky
  5. Street photography – I’ll not lie, I prefer bright sunshine and all the shadows and highlights it gives you, but street is good on dull days too. You probably need to jack up the ISO and have a wider aperture to sharply capture those moving people.

Dull days are the death knell to most Landscape Photography outings, but there’s so much more you could be doing instead.

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