Amazed in Nidderdale…

December’s night workshop was at Brimham Rocks so I decided to head up there early to get some shots of the valley… little did I realise the clouds would be inverted, with the valley full of mist and the sky clear… here are some shots from one of the best days of 2013. _MG_9003_MG_9001_MG_9063 _MG_9100 _MG_9108 _MG_9109 _MG_9111 _MG_9115 _MG_9121 _MG_9155 _MG_9185_6_7Optimizer _MG_9244 _MG_9267 _MG_9328 _MG_9336 _MG_9342 _MG_9349

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