CREATIVE Shoot – Dancer Shante Liburd

Location, Lights & Action!


Shooting with dancers is as creative as it gets – they spend hours training, perfecting moves and poses you can never get “normal” people to do.

Spending the day with fellow lighting obsessive and photography trainer, Jayce Clarke, we took Shante and Daniella to an amazing derelict building to use the graffiti-rich walls as a backdrop. A little like being a kind in a sweet shop really – the perfect backdrop and the perfect models.


Most of it was the basic strobist kit I use daily –

  • 3 manual Youngnuo flashes
  • Pixel Rook Trigger system
  • Small softbox
  • CTO and Blue Gels
  • Canon 5D Mark 2
  • Canon 70-200 F2.8 L IS


With the light levels being relatively low inside the building, the flash powers were low and batteries lasted all day – a huge bonus and the fast flash-recharging times kept the shoot flowing.


Where do you start in a location like this ?

We just picked backdrops with interesting patterns and lighting, set lights up and let Shante do her thing. Obviously the walls created an amazing textured backdrop, and also the old lift with its half open doors created a sense of depth. We also went into a collapsed building and used the girders as silhouettes – with the opening of many James Bond films in mind, Shante got making shapes with her arms.







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