Leeds Couple Inspiring a Community to “Live Well”

Live Well Project – Chris and Anne


One of the huge bonuses of running a photography business is meeting great people, and on Sunday I met Chris Jones and Anne-Louise Savery.

They are starting a social enterprise in Holbeck to encourage and help people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds to improve health and build community spirit.

Their motto is “We don’t see disability, only untapped potential” 

You can read about their story at their website – http://livewellproject.co.uk/goal.html . Looking forward to watching them grow and make a real difference Holbeck folks’ lives.

Strong Man Day….



On Sunday they were running the main event at a “The Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust” (http://www.cbft.co.uk/) fundraiser afternoon – the Strong Man competition.

Perfect weather for it – bright sunshine all day.

Local entrepreneur and star of “Secret Millionaire” Terry George (http://www.terrygeorge.co.uk/) was hosting and got proceedings going.

Then the competitors “endured” 3 challenges:-

  • flipping tyres 15 times
  • holding 9kg weights at arms length for as long as possible
  • farmers walk – 60Kg in each hand, walk as far as you can!

Great to see everyone getting behind the “strong men” and loads of encouragement from crowds.

I’ve forgotten the winner’s name, but he’s the one in the dark blue tee shirt below… sure someone can help with a comment.

The Future

The Live Well Project are looking for a permanent location in Holbeck, but till then, are out and about in halls and community centres helping people with diet, fitness and motivation.

The Photos…

Here are a few memories from the day.

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