Manchester Uni Union

We captured the student exec a few weeks ago, it was now the turn of the entire staff of the union!

It’s always nostalgic going to the Union – I first walked into this building in October 1991, a fresher looking around for beer (which was 85p back then) and glasses… those lecture theatres were huge and I couldn’t read anything on the blackboard. So my first “round john lennon style” glasses came from this exact building

Anyway – when shooting the exec, we liked the colourful Union logo as a backdrop, so we set up 3 lights, put on “X” on the floor and shipped the staff through – all 47 of them!

I thought shooting in the main entrance may be daunting for the staff – but I think it had the opposite effect… the busy, bustling atmosphere, pockets of staff waiting for their turn to be “shot” and the lack of “waiting around” made for a pretty painless experience.

Anyway – here’s a load of preview shots from the day – enjoy!

_MG_7200 _MG_7201 _MG_7207 _MG_7208 _MG_7214 _MG_7220 _MG_7224 _MG_7163 _MG_7165 _MG_7170 _MG_7172 _MG_7176 _MG_7180 _MG_7183 _MG_7187 _MG_7118 _MG_7124 _MG_7129 _MG_7132 _MG_7136 _MG_7138 _MG_7143 _MG_7147 _MG_7149 _MG_7153 _MG_7157 _MG_7099 _MG_7105 _MG_7308 _MG_7324 _MG_7327 _MG_7331 _MG_7281 _MG_7284 _MG_7232 _MG_7236 _MG_7242 _MG_7246 _MG_7253 _MG_7257 _MG_7269 _MG_7270 _MG_7276 _MG_7301 _MG_7313 _MG_7315 _MG_7290

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