Muay Thai Boxing Champion

Brad Stanton….


At just 19, Brad has conquered the UK and Commonwealth – just turned 20, he’s now headlining stadiums with his amazing Thai Boxing skills.

He’s based at Leeds premier gym, Edge (, and needed some great shots to help lift his profile – so we did a shoot in the actual gym.

To say he’s quick is like saying the sun’s warm… I asked him to do some jumps and round house kicks – up he went,¬†nearly¬†hitting the cieling, then round he went – so fast I couldn’t always hit the shutter in time!

So these shots are a mix of flash lit shots, some designed to freeze his motion, others were as low as 1/10 second to add a little motion blur – give that impression of movement.

Anyway – here are a few of the shots, we’ll be trying to get him along to a McFade Training evening soon…. see how you get on capturing him in action!


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