What does McFade do anyway????

What this Leeds Photographer does…

Medding with smart phones takes you to some strange places….

ON this occasion I found an app which did little “mind map” type diagrams, which I thought would be fun for the website… I was white flag waving after 5 minutes of meddling on a little phone screen, so hit google and found “XMind”, a full blown program which does all this kind of thing. It’s free – give it a go… and quick to use.

So started off by plotting out Mcfade Photography – see what I actually do, as people do ask from time to time. Which is nice of course.

Here are the results for our Leeds Photography business… it’s not really finished yet, but these things never are – with every new idea, a new map update’s needed

Click to see full size in a new window

Ok – so next I thought about the training side of things – maybe these things would help focus what is taught on our workshops….

Here’s what happened…

Not sure whether they’re any use to anyone other than McFade Photography, but if you were ever in doubt as to what’s on offer, it’s all here!

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