Rocco in the Woods

Leeds Model in Leeds Woods

We’re always on the look out for new locations for both training and shoots with models, families and business people.

So on this rekke shoot Rocco and I took to some woods in Leeds, armed with 2 flashes and a mix of lenses – and got some shots using the surroundings to create atmosphere and background interest.

So this shot uses the winter trees, without their leaves, to create a veil over his head

This was the last shot from the shoot, it was mainly a sky shot with Rocco peeking in, using a polariser to make the sky more interesting, and 2 flashes on Rocco to balance the light – without those he would have been a silhouette

This is a subtle use of the woods – the Canon 28 F1.8 lens was used to focus on Rocco’s face, leaving the rest blurred behind. No flash used

Here he is bouncing away like Zeberdy…. used the path as the lead in the foreground, tree to frame the right, he’s perhaps a bit close to the tree here, maybe a step right by me would get him away from it. Sunlight on the left, flash on the right.

Extreme angles and wide lenses… always make for something completely different to your normal portrait. Here we’ve made the most of the red jeans and the tree canopy by getting low down, lighting him with the sun and 2 lights and using a polariser

Same idea as the shot above, just really like the trees here!

And finally, a bit of colour play – making those blues and reds really jump out.

So venturing off the beaten path into the woods created a whole new “look” for us – off camera flash with speedlites is all about portability and the locations that enables… go out and try the woods for yourself!

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