Sam’s Big Band!

Band leader, arranger and sax supremo (is that bigging you up enough Sam ?? lol) asked for some shots of his big band – so we got everyone into an empty office in Leeds and started creating some shots.

Herding cats and musicians is never easy, though it didn’t stop us creating some cool shapes with the instruments and body parts!

The main breif was white background stuff – though being McFade, we had to create some extra odd shots too…

Here’s one where we added a little toning – unusual green tones..

Pretty useless for agent use, but if Sam ever needs to promote the band on Twitter, or make a flyer, these unusual shots are the ones which get noticed.

And then there’s the crazy green face look… not sure what inspired this, but imagine this on a bill board or flyer board… everyone would look!


Here’s a few more – and they’re available for hire at

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