Tetley Brewery – The End of an Era

Leeds Iconic TETLEY BREWERY – Demolished!


Tetley was a huge brewery on the edge of the city centre, one of a dying breed of city centre breweries, most of which fall to demolition sooner or later.

Wikipedia says… .


The original brewery was opened on the current site in 1822. Parts of the original buildings still stand and extensions have been built as late as 2006. The Brewery opened a museum on the 19 March 1994.The attraction proved popular; however, redevelopment of the land surrounding the brewery led to the attraction’s closure on 7 April 2000. The building is now bars and restaurants which are part of the Brewery Wharf development.
All fermenting now takes place in stainless steel Yorkshire squares and conical vessels; the slate Yorkshire squares, dating from about the 1880s, were broken up and removed in autumn 2008.

So nearly 200 years of making beer came to an end in 2011, and the demolition is well under way. The giant arms of demolition cranes are seen pulling down walls and tearing up metal like paper.

McFade Photography @ Tetley Brewery

Gaining access is imposlible for health and safety reasons, but you can see quite a lot of the rubble and scrap from outside the grounds, so we captured some images to mark its passing on a sunny evening on March 1st 2012.

2 thoughts on “Tetley Brewery – The End of an Era

  1. There are some great photos here and I’d love to feature one on DemolitionNews.com, ideally with a credit but preferably with your name removed (although I will gladly give you a credit and a link to this website).

    1. HI Mark – glad you like the shots, a real shame to see the brewery go.

      If you’d like a shot without watermark, I’d have to charge accordingly (I need to create one from the RAW files which will take time) – but feel free to use one with water mark for free, if you include a link back to my site.



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