Yorkshire Dales Photography – 17 from Deepdale

Where in the Yorkshire Dales is Deepdale?

Deepdale is long valley in The Yorkshire Dales which borders Whernside and drops into Dentdale, in the western Yorkshire Dales.

Why’ve I not heard of it?

It’s dominated by the near by Dentdale, Deepdale is an offshoot which leads steeply into Kingsdale. Deepdale could easily be confused for Dentdale.

What’s it like?

It’s beautiful – when you enter from the Kingsdale pass, you’ve got Whernside towering over you to the right, then a sweeping, rounded valley greeting you – with the Howgills in the distance, showing you how close Cumbria is. The landscape is green fields lined with trees and hedges, not too many barns compared other dales. The initial drop into the valley is very steep, and there are 2 gates and a cattle grid to navigate.

Any highlights?

Despite mainly being a link between Ingleton and Dent, this valley is well worth a look…

  • fantastic view of Whernside
  • Breathtaking views over the valley – especially from the highest point of the pass
  • Wall and tree patterns all over the valley below
  • Views of the Howgills
  • Faces to west so good for sunsets – not sure about sun rises
  • Lovely waterfall and bridge near the lower gate

Here are some Photos

_MG_1233 _MG_1232 _MG_1230 _MG_1227 _MG_1226 _MG_1225 _MG_1222 _MG_1220 _MG_1212 _MG_1211 _MG_1207 _MG_1206 _MG_1205 _MG_1202 _MG_1201 _MG_1199 _MG_1198

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