Stock Photography from McFade

Why are we giving away stuff for free? 

Our goal is simply to build awareness of McFade in the creative sector – we’ve got terabytes of images in the McFade archives, we decided to release many of them for use, especially by brand and marketing agencies. 

We hope you find what you’re looking for, and if not we’re here to help create some great new shots for your clients and projects

Oh, and we know everyone in Yorkshire loves stuff for free.

What can you use them for? 

Pretty much anything you like.

We use 700 pixel photos for newsletters, twitter, facebook, web pages and even memes. THESE ARE ALL FREE

We will add all who download free images to our mailing list to keep you up-to-date with our latest images. We’d also love it if you can give an HTML image credit (to where they are used.

For print and bigger image use, there’s a small charge, but far smaller than the big image libraries. 

Ade Wilson

I’m a commercial photographer based in Leeds, UK. I work with agencies and brands across the world to capture and promote their products, services and people.
Experienced, professional and friendly is my approach to business, usually over a pint of real ale.


The Botanist

Roomzzz Apart hotels

Radisson Blu

Park Inn

Young Enterprise

Yorkshire Water

University of Leeds

University of Manchester

Turtle Wax

Simon on the Streets



Balfour Beatty

Bradford Audi

Parklane Properties



Irwin Mitchell



Card Factory