360-Degree Sky Tours
Bring your business to life

A New McFade Service

Giving people a reason to stay on your site for longer increases your Google rankings, we have found that people absolutely love these 360-degree tours made using our trusty drone.

Whilst we are photographing your business we can in most cases fly the drone from a safe place and capture 360-degree photos above your office to show off the area or you’re factory.

Use specialist software to blend the images into a panoramic file which we host for you on the KLAPTY platform. You can embed this into a Blog or anywhere on your website with a small amount of HTML code that we send to you.

That is all we have done on this page, copied a little block of code for each of the 360-degree photos below. 

If you would like one of these creating when we are with you, please just ask away.

Malham and Littondale

Arncliffe and Malham are two of the most scenic areas in the Yorkshire Dales and these photos capture some of my favourite parts

OSL Group – 3 Manufacturing Sites

Several sites across the North and we have captured the first three of them whilst we were visiting to document the processes visually with our lights & cameras

Aarsleff Civil Engineering – Ipswich Piling Project

This was a particularly busy site in Ipswich, with bored piles being created at the top of the site and a retaining wall being driven down the side. 

Our main role was to capture drone video footage to help the marketing team show how each process works but in the process we captured the couple of 360s so their website visitors can visualise the whole site

Eggborough Power Station Cooling Towers

This one is a personal Project, usually, you cannot fly near power stations for security reasons but because Eggborough is decommissioned and in the process of being demolished, I thought I would head over and get some images of the final for cooling stations before they too are demolished

These were taken at the maximum height allowed for drones witches 120m or 400ft, it shows you how tall the cooling towers really are

Leeds – West City Centre

The area around Park Square and the Old International Pool. 

This immersive tour of 5 photos allows you to see Leeds city centre from an angle you can only see from a plane coming into to the airport. It’s taken around sunset so we get a very bright West looking sky and some nicely lit buildings to the east

Clitheroe, Lancashire

Listed in the Domesday Book Clitheroe is an old market town on the Lancashire Yorkshire border. In this tour, we see the town from St Mary’s Church which shows the Civic all the grammar school the parish whole and so much of that raised bit of the town centre.

The other images get a bit closer to the the 800+ year old Norman Castle

Croft Myl – Halifax

Definitely the most exciting business space in Halifax!

This converted Mill space is colourful vibrant and packed with businesses of all kinds. This tour shows the building from all angles and we have linked each one with clickable points so you can jump around the building intuitively

Leeds City Centre – East

This is the city East of the city taking in in New dock, the canal area and Corn Exchange.

You can also see the new murals on the side of the River Aire, with Leeds football staff Kevin Phillips and “me and you”

Aarsleff Chesterfield Site

This is a completed retaining wall in Chesterfield for the building supplier Jewson.

Civil engineers Aarsleff install this massive wall which sadly will be hidden but maintain the safety of the site for decades to come.

The reason for this shoot was to capture the whole site before the wall started getting covered by Earth and buildings

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