15 Photos of Kingsdale

Where in the Yorkshire Dales is Kingsdale?

It’s that long valley which goes up the west side of Whernside, in the Yorkshire Dales.

Why’ve I not heard of it?

You’ve probably not heard of it, it’s not one of the main dales – it’s probably counted as part of the Ribblesdale region.

What’s it like?

It climbs steeply from Thornton In Lonsdale, with stunning views of Ingleborough to the right. It then levels off to become a flat-bottomed valley with a stream flowing down the middle. It then steeply climbs to the summit, which affords magnificent views of Whernside to the right, then Deepdale appears in front. It’s a very high pass with up to 4 gates to open

Any highlights?

Part way up you can pop down to Thornton Force – the beautiful 45 foot waterfall at mid point of the ingleton waterfalls walk.

The valley itself is stunning

The stream is often dry, but when flowing you can use it as a great foreground.

Views of Ingleborough at sunset – you’ve got lots of limestone pavements for foreground and the setting sun lights the side of inglebrough you’re looking at, turning it orange.

Here are a few things I’d recommend you take on such a trip:-

Here are some Photos

These were taken on a location rekke – running a workshop in the area and was checking for distances and highlights. They’re more like “stock” shots than fine art – for use in promoting the workshop and maybe sales to local business.

_MG_1195 _MG_1191 _MG_1189 _MG_1185 _MG_1179 _MG_1178 _MG_1169 _MG_1162 _MG_1165 _MG_1172 _MG_1158 _MG_1142 _MG_1141 _MG_1137

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