Facebook feedback from Claire and Andy’s Wedding




The last wedding of 2011 was down in Cheshire with Andy and Claire – a great couple and a top bunch of friends and lovely family… but enough of the eulogising…

They had deal where they got a disc of photos from the day and Claire put them on Facebook – which I actively encouraged.

Here they are..



I know most people say they like their wedding photos, but I was really pleased with their friends’ feedback in the comments on the album – so much so I thought I’d share them here, just in case you’re looking for a wedding photographer and need some convincing that McFade Photography can do you a decent job.

All these comments are real by the way 馃檪


    • Brenda Calland聽Fantastic photos!

      September 22 at 6:56pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Trish Dever聽Fabulous 馃檪

      September 22 at 7:02pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Sue Felton Smith聽Beautiful photos Claire, really wish I could have been there as well as in London!

      September 22 at 7:07pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Stephanie Jacklin聽Absolutely amazing photos, Claire.

      September 22 at 7:16pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Vicky Waddell聽You look absolutely stunning Claire!!! Such an amazing day!! Xxxx

      September 22 at 7:21pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Gill Hughes聽Fabulous 馃檪 xx

      September 22 at 7:25pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Nick Avery聽Are blokes allowed to say how good these photos are ?

      September 22 at 7:26pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Amy Sitser聽love your big fat gypsy wedding!!!!

      September 22 at 7:43pm聽路聽聽路聽2 people
    • Ian Homewood聽Some absolute crackers in there Claire.

      September 22 at 7:49pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Jenny Morris聽Fantastic photos. You look beautiful and both look so happy.

      September 22 at 8:03pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Jade Hurine聽pictures are gorgeous, love ur cake x

      September 22 at 8:15pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Karen Taylor-Bensusan聽Beautiful photos. Claire you look simply stunning, you rock that dress Hard :))

      September 22 at 8:24pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Annemarie Byrne聽My Beautiful bezzzzie 馃檪 x x x

      September 22 at 8:30pm聽路聽聽路聽3 people
    • Priti Chauhan-Hall聽Looks like you had a great day! You look beautiful. Congratulations!!

      September 22 at 8:51pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Alex Coombe聽Wedding photos are normally boring as hell, but those are seriously cool, thanks for letting us be part of it!!

      September 22 at 8:52pm聽路聽聽路聽3 people
    • Paula Dyas聽Amazing photos! You look stunning babe, everyone does x x

      September 22 at 9:41pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Karen Savage聽Fantastic photos Claire…you looked amazing!! xx

      September 22 at 10:13pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Chloe Faye Halsted聽You look boootiful lady … amezin pics of such a fab day!!! x

      September 22 at 11:13pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Jason Selby聽Congrats Claire, you looked stunning, and those wedding photos are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Well done to the photographer!

      September 22 at 11:31pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Helen Bradley聽Congrats,u look stunning x

      September 23 at 7:34am聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Raj Mahey聽Great photos Claire. You look amazing! Love the dress too xx

      September 23 at 11:54am聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Peter Harris聽Great album the phographer can be well pleased, ‘course it’s an advantage to have a truly lovely if slightly crazy bride. Thanks for sharing x

      September 23 at 1:36pm聽路聽聽路聽1 person
    • Emma Byrne聽Gorgeous Pics Claire xxx

      Saturday at 8:26am聽路聽



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McFade Photographs a Ferrari California



Ferrari Cars are amazing things – beautifully designed, powerful and a joy to photograph. Where better to take them than to a bleak moor on the Lancs/Yorks border and create something dark and brooding, like the sound of the engines in these super cars.

This is the california, a car that can hit over 190mph and has 454 horse power – yet seems very classic in appearance, not some snarling hypercar, but something with flowing curves and styling.

Here are a selection of “Automobile Art” shots from the shoot – a mix of style, technique and processing to get many looks from one shoot.

Gallery Notice : Images have either not been selected or couldn't be found

Photographing Audi A7 in Bradford

McFade Photography‘s friends down at Audi Bradford liked the A5 shots we took in August so much, they let us loose in a brand new, 拢60K A7!

It’s one hell of a car to be fair – feels like you’re in a cockpit with all the controls around you… even the boot opens automatically!

Again we took it to a moorland location to create that feeling of space and freedom around the car – also you get some amazing skies at up there at this time of year


We’re looking forward to taking this project further in future and getting some of the most striking Audi shots anywhere!