Month: January 2012

January 31, 2012 / / Blog

McFade in the Pro Photography Magazines Hot off the press this week is our latest article to go in to a glossy photography magazine. Previous published articles have been on “inspiration” and “painting with light”, this one’s our first in Photo Professional and discusses the merits of small flashes on location shoots – and it’s got 4 of our photos in there too! Click on the thumbnails below and you’ll get to see the gallery – to see the full sized screen shot, click on the bigger thumbnail in the…

January 28, 2012 / / Architecture

New Leeds Photos for 2012 We’ve taken advantage of the amazing sunny January days by getting a new set of images of Leeds for you to enjoy. Here’s a pretty extensive selection from the new set – there will be more to come!     Buy a copy for your home! They will all available for purchase on Photobox very soon. My shop is and I will create a new gallery there ASAP. They’re also available to liscence for use on print/web, and in large format prints to give your office environment a…

January 22, 2012 / / Blog

It’s true, here’s a FREE Street Photography Action… Here’s what it does Transforms a street candid from this… To this with one click…   “Street” is photography in one of the purest forms. We capture the environment as-is; people going about their business is the subject, rather than moody hills, the relentless sea, colourful birds or clever lighting and posed models. Candid or Interaction? We can interact with the people or shoot candidly. Candid is more random, and because the people are unaware of being photographed you capture them completely naturally.…

January 18, 2012 / / Blog

Well another social medial tool seems to have entered the web so here’s a “pin” to one of my shots… Source: via Adrian on Pinterest

January 17, 2012 / / Business

Case Study of Enviroco Sheffield – Click on the image to see large

January 17, 2012 / / Architecture

Case study of the refurb of Carlton Tower, Leeds. Click on the image to see larger  

January 17, 2012 / / Bradford

Case Study of McFade’s work at Bradford Audi – click to see larger

January 17, 2012 / / Business

Case Study of Select Pix’s largest job to date at WIRA House, click to view larger

January 3, 2012 / / Business

McFade approach to Wedding Photography The McFade approach to wedding photography in 2011 was to create classic shots with off camera flash adding that extra bit of magic, leaving minimal processing in Photoshop. Actively been trying to avoid things that would look dated – there are enough “filters” out there which are in fashion for a few years, then look as current as a Ford Cortina Mark 2. Wedding Photography Course Just seen some info on a wedding photography course being run by a multi-award winning wedding photographer, so decided…

January 2, 2012 / / Blog

Should I be Shooting RAW? RAW is a Mystery RAW is a mystery to many, resulting in them using JPG when taking photos. There’s nothing wrong with JPG, but you are throwing much of the baby out with the bathwater each time you hit the shutter. RAW is your Digital Negative RAW is just the base data that your camera captures – think of it like the exposed film in your camera. Full of information, but no processing or printing done on it. RAW is the key to your Digital…