Coast – Trinity Leeds

Coast Trinity Leeds

Glamour Magazine and Prom Events

Trinity Leeds most recent events, Glamour Magazine and Prom Night, have seen fashion shop Coast bustling with customers, champagne, chocolates and we’ve been down capturing events on camera.

Thanks for the invite go to Chloe Chong, in Yellow on this next shot, who remembered us after doing some modelling a few years ago. Great to catch up and meet the team.

Photo Booth and Action Photos

We set up a few lights to capture anyone who wanted to a photo of the dresses they were trying on and got loads of shots of the team in action.

Here are a few shots from the 2 events

The Photos


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13 Photos of New (Clarence) Dock – Leeds

Clarence Dock or New Dock Leeds?

I’ve always referred to it as Clarence Dock, but the area was rebranded “New Dock Leeds” in 2012 according to Wikipedia (

Either way, the blend of architecture and water makes for a great place to photograph – even on dull days, dusk photos look great once the lights come on.

New Dock Leeds through a Sigma 12-24mm Lens

The purpose of this shoot was to try out a Sigma 12-14mm lens – I’ve shot with the Canon 17-40 dozens of times, would the extra 5mm make much difference?

Here’s a shot with the 17-40 at 17mm



And here is the 12-24 at 12 mm

leeds-clarence-dock-evening-april-2014_0103_4_5So as you can see, it does make a big difference – you can see all of the Armouries building on the left and all of the roundish building on the right.

It does open up a world of new possibility for city shooters.

The biggest issue with the lens is that you can’t really fit a polariser of filter system – it comes with a filter ring “thing” which slides on to the front of the lens. However, you get round photos if you use it… vignette is an understatement… it’s properly round.

So it’s HDR all the way – and here are 13 photos taken last night, all bracketed images (-2/0/+2 EV)

13 HDR Photos of New Dock



Leeds Shopping – 9 Photos from Briggate and Beyond

Leeds Shopping – Knightsbridge of the North?

Leeds does seem to have its fair share of shops. Posh shops. Harvey Nichols. Designer stuff.

I like the shop in the Victoria Quarter with Panerai watches best – often found lusting after the PAM 372, a huge watch which looks just about perfect on my wrist… shame it’s £6000.

20mm HDR

So trialling my trusty new 20mm prime lens, I took the tripod around Briggate and the shopping area – weird light meant HDR, just to eek out a bit more detail in the clouds and dark areas.

Bracketing at -2/0/+2 EV was enough for the light conditions – no need to go silly and do 7 shots or anything like that.

Then to processing – in a nutshell…

  • Lightroom – basic tweaks – output 16-bit TIFFs
  • Photomatix – blend a few and create a preset which works
  • Photomatix – batch process the lot to 16-bit TIFFs
  • Lightroom – tweaks to colour, verticals etc.
  • Photoshop – more specific edits on a few of them


No ghosts!

One thing I’ve noticed with the new Photomatix 5 is that it’s better at auto-de-ghosting.

Ghosting happens a lot in HDR – if something moves between your 3 shots, you get ghosts when you blend. Think of a moving car… on shot 1 it would be on the left of the frame. Shot 2 in the middle. Shot 3 on the right. When you blend you’d normally get 3 ghost cars.

It just seems a lot better than it used to be – not perfect, but on the shots below take a look at the people.


The Photos


Trinity Church




Commercial Street




Albion Place




Albion Place





Albion Place








Smoking Old Lady of Briggate





County Arcade




Upper Briggate


7 HDR Photos of Leeds

7 HDR Photos of Leeds – Swinegate & Calls

In Leeds, where the canal and Aire merge, there’s The Calls and Swinegate. Streets on the inner ring road with some fantastic brick buildings to photograph, especially great for HDR photos of Leeds, as you can pull lots of detail out of those walls.

Maybe not the obvious place to go shooting!

Along with the Brick, there are some new buildings going up down there – nice to see cranes back in Leeds, recession finally over ? A fantastic sign – both for the economy and the architecture enthusiast.

Sigma 20mm F1.8 Lens

Anyway – I was down there testing out a Sigma 20mm F1.8 Lens, one I’d got for architecture shooting and low light events. It’s not the fastest thing to operate, having a slow focus system, but its very bright and easy to use, not bad for HDR photos of Leeds.

The light wasn’t great – the sky overcast for most of the shoot. This often results in slightly surreal images – as you’ll see below.

The Photos…

All these photos were taken with my Trusty Canon 5D and the sigma 20mm lens, I have them automatically set at two stops apart using auto exposure bracketing. This makes shooting HDR photos a breeze. The photos were then merged using Photomatix, a HDR program which allow us to do batch processing very quickly

leeds-yorkshire-swinegate-hdr-photography-mcfade001Roomzzzz Hotel – Swinegateleeds-yorkshire-swinegate-hdr-photography-mcfade010The Elbow Room – Calls

leeds-yorkshire-swinegate-hdr-photography-mcfade009Call Lane





Blayds Yard



Heaton’s Court


Heaton’s Court

Photographer Type 6 – Fantasy HDR Creators

Reality Sucks

Transforming reality into an uber-detailed, fantastical coloured fantasy world…

No highlights or shadows are allowed – they shoot loads of different exposures to make sure not one pixel will be clipped black or white. Even on flat light days, when you don’t need HDR, they still bracket away – it’s all part of the process!

Full Throttle

Then they put them into Photomatix (other HDR products are available) and tone map to make every colour as saturated as possible, turning up the local contrast so even the mildest variation in tone becomes a hugely contrasty detail.

Aged cartoon faces – blinding clouds on dark black skies yet weirdly light land – infinitely detailed engines – all creations of the slider-happy tone mapping lover.

Bright halos surround trees and hills, separating them from the black, grainy skies.

Pastel colours become saturated so grass becomes coloured like a green “highlighter pen” – blue skies a wierd aqua-cyan mix and any reds bleed like a vampire’s blood.

Child with a new toy

Like any child with a new toy, they push their HDR programs to the limits then show their friends them with a smile. After donning shades you calmly say to them “yes….err…  well done!” and try to escape.

They are not interested in reality – they go to cathedrals and make the windows darker than the ceiling, just so you see every coloured piece of glass.

Short Lived

Then after about 2 months, maybe 3, they get bored and never ever shoot HDR again…