5 Photo Tips For Every Business

What are you Business Photos Telling People ?

Business Photos used to be fillers on websites.

  • Pretty pictures would just separate the text and logos,
  • Photos would be bought off Stock Photography websites and have no connection to you
  • Californian models with perfect smiles or sunset shots of the New York skyline would be used to sell the smallest Yorkshire plumbers business.

Those days are over – or should be. Every pixel on your site should help tell your story, rather than distract. This is where great, personal photos of your business comes in.

Here are our 5 Photo Tips for every business

1 – First Impressions are Now Online

edgy Illiya

OK, we still meet people out networking, or on jobs, but the first chance you get to impress most new clients is often from Social Media or your website.

Think about it – how much business do you get from referrals? How many of those people will look at your website, before replying to an Into Email or Linked IN message? 100% or thereabouts?

So when people see that page of “little thumbnails on LINKED IN, they will instantly get an idea of what you look like, your personality, whether you’re a happy, approachable soul or a more dour type.

Also, if you’ve “invested” in some great photos – that can give the impression that you “care” or are “serious” about your business…

2 – “SHOW” us what you “DO

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We’ve all got great elevator pitches – we can tell you what we do and how it makes you different. We have come a long way from saying

  • I’m John and am and accountant, and I do accountancy

It’s probably more likely to be

  • “I’m John and I help people by….

Which is all well and good, but you don’t get a “feel” for what you are “about” from those words – what will I, as a client, experience when I engage you?

Make it easy – use photos

  • Create photos of you action – meetings, presentations, building stuff… whatever it is
  • Show people where you do your work – board room, coffee shop, break out area, a building site, in the Albert Hall…  what do I expect to happen?
  • how you do it – showing stuff on an iPad, pen and paper, white board, quarry…
  • what you wear – suited and booted, semi-casual, jeans and tee shirt?
  • show your branding – if you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  • differentiate yourself from your competition….

Remember this….

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3 – Break the Stereotype

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On being asked to describe a “Financial Director”, my mental picture was Michael Palin, in a pin stripe suit and bowler hat… that old Monty Python Accountant character!

Ask people to describe “business men”, they’ll think of grumpy old men like Alan Sugar & Donald Trump, as they’ve seen The Apprentice

So when you tell people what you do, they may have the same prejudices.

Break that barrier down – use photos of you that SHOW you are different – that have personality outside those outdated stereotypes.


4 – Photos of You Presenting or Getting an Award

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Photos of presenting, or picking up awards, gives the impression of expertise – it’s as simple as that.

So when you’re next doing a talk, especially to a large group, it’s well worth getting some great photos. You can either hire a photographer yourself, or befriend a photographer who is working the event.

If you’re interesting enough to talk to a group of business people, then maybe your services are worth a second look?

If you’re a bigger business and can afford high profile guest speakers, then get images of them too – here’s one of Falklands soldier and campaigner, Simon Weston. The PR opportunity from this talk was huge.

mcfade top 5 tips for business photos49

5 – Make it INTERESTING!

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Who said business photos had to be boring?

No one as far as I know – it’s just that everyone is afraid to pop their head above the parapet and do something different – something to change how people see you.

“Interesting” is individual:-

  • maybe it’s shooting your team photos at a dramatic location
  • maybe it’s getting into your racing driver overalls
  • maybe it’s looking all serious when you’re usually the smiliest person on earth
  • maybe it’s crawling over a table

But it always involves great ideas, great photography and strong rapport between you and your photographer


How can we help you?

We Help People Like YOU Transform How The WORLD Sees Your Business 

Those are our 5 tips on how to make your images work for you – so what do you need to do to create them?

We are passionate about creating stunning images of businesses and the people in them.

Our mission is to personalise websites and marketing material, to make it easy for potential clients to understand you business and choose you over the competition.


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