Fed up with paying £10/month for Lightroom?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Lightroom – but I’m not a huge fan of paying a tenner each month to use it… I used to like buying something and then being able to use it as long as I liked.

The new subscription model Adobe use is fine for businesses, but for many enthusiasts, it’s prohibitive to expect them to pay year on year for something they may use infrequently.

What’s the alternative?

There are probably many out there – I used to use Capture One, but after release 7 I found it shaky and unreliable. The results are great, but if you need a fast and efficient workflow, then it was no good.

So having used On1’s Effects for a while now, I was interested to see their answer to Lightroom – it’s called RAW 2018 and is a decent bit of kit.

The software was $99 – with an Xmas discount, I ended up paying £63 for the software, tutorials, presets and an e-book. Great value and I won’t need to pay over and over again.

I’ve recorded my first impressions on this video – take a look and see what it can do.

My conclusions

  • I do really like it – it’s powerful and intuitive
  • I will keep using Lightroom because of the “way I work” professionally – bulk files, processes and presets are all entrenched in LIGHTROOM…. for now
  • I will use Effects from LIGHTROOM a lot – that’s fantastic
  • For “fun” and “personal” projects, I’ll probably be using ON1!
  • If you’re brand new to photography – get this NOW and play with the free demo
  • File handling can be a bit slow 
  • Masking and the filters are amazing – worth the money alone