Facebook Hates Portrait Professional 17! 

The bottom of the internet, where people comment on things with impunity, is full of bile and anger whenever Portrait Professional is mentioned. 

Portrait Professional kept popping up on my feed, so decided to try the Demo version – it seemed to be pretty quick and effective IF you didn’t go mad with the sliders. A bit like HDR programs… 

So I bought the £49 version – what the hell!

Here’s a video of me using Portrait Professional 17… 

Here’s a shot of the lovely Emily, taken last year. I chose one where she’s looking off-centre at the camera to really test the software. 

This is a bit long (10 minutes) but does show you everything I do in Lightroom and PP17 – plus the conclusion at the end of course! 



Before and After

portrait professional - before we used it

portrait professional - after we used it