Save Preston Bus Station!

Huge structures do it for me.

Visually that is…

I first saw Preston’s bus station in the 70’s, and it was probably the biggest thing I’d seen at that point – Clitheroe doesn’t have many huge buildings!


It’s the shape and majesty of the thing – the curved edges, the ribbed reinforcement bars, the unchanging pattern along the length of the car park…

On seeing the Culture Show’s report about proposed the closing and demolition of the building, I decided to pop over and capture some images, just in case I never saw it again.


Here they are – timeless in black and white, apart from the buses, these image could have been taken any time in my lifetime.

Enjoy the Photos
_MG_3962        _MG_3932-HDR        _MG_3929-HDR        
        _MG_3920-HDR    _MG_3917-HDR    _MG_3914-HDR    _MG_3935-HDR



_MG_3959     _MG_3958
_MG_3954     _MG_3951
_MG_3949     _MG_3944
    _MG_3923_4_5     _MG_3970
_MG_3900_1_2     _MG_3969     _MG_3966     _MG_3965

One thought on “Save Preston Bus Station!

  1. Wow, great strong images here. Friends of Preston bus station oughta be gagging for these! Love ’em!

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