30 Surreal Seconds in Leeds….



It’s mid afternoon…

The sun is bright

There is a slight wind blowing the clouds

There are people and cars around

I’ve just left a meeting in Leeds…

So do I take more bright day shots of Leeds Town Hall – or do I go home….

Then I remember I have one of these “10-stop filters” and the clouds are moving… so decide to get some long exposure shots of the city, something a little different.

The Techy Bit…

A 10 stop filter is to the eye, a piece of black glass you can’t see through – a bit like a welding mask glass.

Its purpose is to reduce the flow of light into a camera.

  • A 1 stop filter stops 1/2 the light entering the camera – so you need to double how long you expose your photo
  • A 2 stop filter stops twice as much the light entering the camera – so you need to quardruple how long you expose your photo
  • So if we go on, the 10 stop needs 2^10 times the exposure – which is 1024 times more…

So if you’re shooting at 1/100th without the filter, you’d need to shoot at 10 seconds with the filter on.

What they do…

So you can shoot really long exposures in bright light – what does this mean?

  • Water becomes smooth and waveless
  • Passing cars disappear
  • Shopping centres look odd – only people who stand perfectly still appear
  • Streets look empty
  • Skies look surreal – the clouds slur across the picture leaving totally alien patterns

The photos

So I didn’t stray too far from the Town Hall – just popping around Millennium Square and back

The Photos

_MG_8644 _MG_8655 _MG_8652 _MG_8640-2 _MG_8638 _MG_8656

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