5 tips for better portraits

We all take photos of people these days, be it on the phone, a little camera or a £5000 pro camera. Here are a few ideas which apply to any camera and any skill level…

1 – Don’t put the person in the middle of the shot, but slightly to one side

2 – Get them to face “in to” the shot – if they’re on the left of the photo, get them facing to the right & vice versa

3 – Rather than getting them just to “smile”, get them to act out a few things – e.g. puzzled, angry, sad, delerious, drunk etc.

4 – If its sunny, get the sun out of their eyes or they’ll squint

5 – Making people wait for longer than they expect you to take can get “interesting” results…

3 thoughts on “5 tips for better portraits”

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    1. best bet is a self timer and tripod you need to pre-focus the camera on something where you will stand to be photographed. Can be anything.

      Then just put it in Av mode set the timer going and walk into the shot

      Alternatively, if you’ve got a remote shutter release use that – just stand in place, hit the remote and the focus will take care of itself.

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