5 Tips on…. Dog Photography

Man’s best friend… but not always the photographer’s easiest subject. Here are a few ideas for the dog owning photographer to play with
  1. Get some assistance, 2 or more people are ideal – they can call the dog, get it running around in more predictable directions than just one person can.
  2. Get lots of treats – these are essential to lure the dog to the right area.
  3. Dog’s eye view – get down low, lie on the floor – so you see the world at its level, it makes for a very different view than you normally see.
  4. Use a long lens, get the owner to take the dog some distance away, then call it over to you – track the dog with the long lens on “Servo Auto Focus” as it comes towards you. They may be really fast, so you need to be on the ball!
  5. Use an ultra wide lens… these are great for quirky shots, the ultra wide lens distorts their look, creating really big noses and tongues, making their legs seem very long.

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