6 Ways to Bring Industrial Processes to Life with Creative Imagery

If you’re in the business of manufacturing, chances are you’re looking for new ways to show off your processes. Whether it’s for internal or external use, seeing your process in action can be an effective way to communicate what makes your company tick. There are some basic things you can do before getting started to ensure that you know what you’re shooting and why. We’ve put together a few tips for anyone who wants to take pictures of industrial processes.

A few tips

Rotherham’s “Owen Springs” have been creating Leaf Springs for road vehicles and trains for over 30 years, the photos in this article are all of their amazingly skilled team, processes and hot bits of metal.

1. Why take pictures?

Photographs uniquely show the viewer your processes instantly and can be used both online and in print.

2. Before you shoot

First, think about what you are going to use the images for and who the audience is. That should guide you towards what kind of images are needed.

Maybe you need lots of wide shots to show off the buildings in an editorial piece, or it could be the close-ups of your processes, testing rig and team in action.

You know best what is important to show, so it’s a step well worth doing.

3. The basics of industrial photography

At McFade, the basics are to tell stories with our images. We document your processes as we see them, take your guidance on what’s important as you describe them on shoot day, and add in a bit of light and lens magic to bring it all to life.

4. Taking the perfect picture

We always bring our lighting, a huge range of lenses and even a drone to give us as many options as possible. We’ll try whatever is safe and legal to get that shot for you.

5. Editing your photos so they pop!

Industrial processes can be incredibly photogenic and striking, our post-processing is designed to maximize the Visual Impact so so you stand out above the crowd in any Google search or Social Media platform.

6. Sharing your photos with the world

Once we have delivered the photographs, make sure you have a content marketing plan in place ready to unleash all your new images on the world. We would recommend drip-feeding images slowly Over The Long Haul rather than posting 50 in one go though!!!

In Conclusion

Industrial photography can help you communicate a lot about your business quickly and effectively, but it can be a little tricky to get right without experience – I hope these tips for taking great pictures of your industrial processes is helpful

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