7 HDR Photos of Leeds

7 HDR Photos of Leeds – Swinegate & Calls

In Leeds, where the canal and Aire merge, there’s The Calls and Swinegate. Streets on the inner ring road with some fantastic brick buildings to photograph, especially great for HDR as you can pull lots of detail out of those walls.

Maybe not the obvious place to go shooting!

Along with the Brick, there are some new buildings going up down there – nice to see cranes back in Leeds, recession finally over ? A fantastic sign – both for the economy and the architecture enthusiast.

Sigma 20mm F1.8 Lens

Anyway – I was down there testing out a Sigma 20mm F1.8 Lens, one I’d got for architecture shooting and low light events. It’s not the fastest thing to operate, having a slow focus system, but its very bright and easy to use.

The light wasn’t great – the sky overcast for most of the shoot. This often results in slightly surreal images – as you’ll see below.

The Photos…

leeds-yorkshire-swinegate-hdr-photography-mcfade001Roomzzzz Hotel – Swinegate



leeds-yorkshire-swinegate-hdr-photography-mcfade010The Elbow Room – Calls




leeds-yorkshire-swinegate-hdr-photography-mcfade009Call Lane











Blayds Yard






Heaton’s Court





Heaton’s Court

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