A LIGHTROOM Dream Come True

HDR used to be painful in LIGHTROOM

If you’d shot 300 shots of a house, you’d need to merge them down to 100 photos – that’d have you anchored to the computer manually selecting and merging photos for AGES. In fact, if I’d done more than 10 shots, I’d use something like PHOTOMATIX to blend instead, it was just too ineffieient in Lightoom to do when time is money.

My Wish Came TRUE!

This has all changed with the latest release of CC- something they just snook in without any fanfare, as I bet most users don’t even do HDR.

You can now stack and merge photos, on mass, like Batch processing in many other programs – it’s changed my life completely! I hope you see the benefit of this.

So to share my joy, I’ve done a little video to show you exactly how to do it.

Love to hear what you think

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