A Sunset Serenade: Capturing Sharon Stacey at Winscar Reservoir

There’s an undeniable magic that happens when the universe conspires to bring together elements of raw nature, an artist’s passion, and the fleeting beauty of a setting sun.

On the 19th of July, 2023, I had the pleasure of photographing the incredibly talented Sharon Stacey, as she serenaded the setting sun at Winscar Reservoir.

Setting the Scene

Drone photo before the shoot

Winscar Reservoir, nestled near Penistone, is a marvel in its own right. Its vast expanse and peculiar stoney surface create a picturesque canvas that only nature can craft. 

Technicalities and Tools

The tools for the evening were carefully chosen.

  • My Canon R5, was the camera of choice.
  • To encapsulate Sharon and bring the sunset closer, I used the Canon 70-200 F2.8L lens, and to bring in the majestic vista of the reservoir under the hues of the setting sun, the Sigma 20mm F1.8mm lens was perfect.
  • As the sun took its own time to set, my three AD200 flashes, strategically positioned on stands, ensured that every click had the desired balance of shadow and light. The back lights take care of sequins and hair – the front creates dramatic lighting across Sharon’s face.

The Shoot

Our journey began at 8:30 PM.

The initial shots were taken to set the tone, with Sharon easing into her element, embracing both her role as a singer and as the muse for the evening. As minutes turned to moments and the sun began its descent, the reservoir reflected colours that words might fail to describe. We experimented with a range of shots – close-ups capturing the depth of Sharon’s emotions and wider frames that showcased the expanse of Winscar, with its mirror-like water and intriguing stone terrain.

What stood out were the wide-angle shots where the world seemed to pause – Sharon, with her notes, the tranquil water, and the horizon that was painted with strokes of orange, pink, and purple.

The Photos

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To dive deeper into Sharon’s world of music and witness her versatility as a voice coach, performer, and musical director, do visit her website www.sharonstaceymusic.com. To catch glimpses of her performances and updates, follow her on LINKED IN and Facebook.

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