About McFade

Meet Ade

Ade: Photographer, Educator, Musician.

In 2003, a humble Canon Ixus 3 was the inception of a journey — one that would lead Ade from a curious novice to a seasoned professional in the world of photography. This voyage into the world of pixels and lenses was supercharged in December 2003 when the Canon 300D landed in his life, redefining the path ahead.

Roaming across Northern England, Ade’s eye for capturing the mesmerizing and the mundane has been his compass. With each click, a story was told, a memory was frozen, and a challenge was accepted. Sharing his works online, he transformed feedback into fuel, propelling himself from passion to profession within a span of 7 transformative years.

In 2010, following a 13-year tenure in the software industry, redundancy opened a new door. Rather than stepping back into another predefined role, Ade seized the opportunity to carve out a niche of his own. The quest began: to find those who could benefit from his newfound prowess behind the camera.

Today, Ade wears many hats. As a creator, he crafts evocative images; as an educator, he imparts the nuances of photography to eager learners; and as a musician, his fingers dance on keyboard keys, composing tunes that resonate. All the while, drones have added wings to his creativity, letting him paint stories from the skies.

Behind the scenes, this blog stands as a testament to his journey. With over 500 entries and counting, it’s a rich tapestry of experiences, learnings, and moments. Delve in, navigate through the dropdowns, pick a topic or year, and embark on this captivating journey with Ade.