Band Photography – Chicago Blues Brothers – Dubai

Automated Band Photography?


The “ALL NEW” Chicago Blues Brothers came to Dubai and rocked the Manidat Theatre for 3 nights.

Flying out on a freezing March Tuesday, we landed at Abu Dhabi in the warm Arabian evening, transferring to Dubai by bus. Here are a set of performance shots taken by Ade on the last gig, saturday night. Ade is there on the right playing keyboards….. doing 2 things at once?


How we did it…..


Here we have a set of shots taken by Ade… but how do you play keyboards, and get correctly exposed shots throughout the gig?


Well there’s 2 parts…

  1. A trigger with timer
  2. Knowledge of exposure


Timer triggers used to be £150… but now our EBAY friends have made them for £12 – so I set up the trigger to take a shot every 60 seconds. Simple!


Exposure – well the main thing was to get sharp shots, as little motion blur as possible…. to do this we need to maximise the shutter speed with wide apertures and higher ISO settings…. but the lights constantly change.


So with that in mind, we set up the camera in Shutter Priority and set it to 1/100th – which freezes most motion.


What ISO? Well I decided to put that on Auto… so on the dark moments it would be 3200 and noisy, but at the bright moments it’d be down to 400 and noise free.


It’s not rocket science really – and very reliant on the camera metering the scene correctly – the main issue to overcome is the vast changes in stage lighting, and using auto aperture and exposure seemed to do the trick.















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