Brad Quinn on Dock Street

It’d been on the cards for months but just hadn’t got round to doing this shoot with Brad. So on Weds, we met up at The Tetley in Leeds and got some great images around the Dock Street and Brewery Wharf areas. 

Dock Street

Great for headshots as it has these converging walls behind you, and cobbled streets. Just 2 lights on these.

By the River Aire

Calls Landing in the background, a half decent sky and a cigar!

Under the bridge

There’s a decent graphic quality under the bridge down at Brewery Wharf, lots of lines to help with composition

Brewery Wharf

There’s a large sculpture in the middle of the square, I think it’s barley. Anyway – with the sky getting more dramatic and a few filters, I went for a very wide angled lens (16mm) and created some really dramatic shots to end… got a bit carried away with the vignetting and darkness, but 

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