Bradford Switch Networking – the opening night

A new dawn in Bradford Networking


Rob and Jag – the guys behind Bradford Switch

Yesterday, a new networking group was born – the brainchild of Jag Panesar and Rob Ives, Bradford Switch is a relaxed, friendly way to meet new business contacts and build relationships.

The first meeting was in The Sparrow, a lovely new bar opened in the heart of Bradford. We were in the cellar which seemed to create a warm atmosphere, the room was buzzing with people from the off at 4PM

I took along a couple of flashes and the camera kit to get a few shots for their opening night. The flashes were in opposing corner of the room to create a couple of pools of directional light, which bounced off the walls. It’s a more “hit and miss” approach than the traditional editorial approach of “on camera flash”, but when it works, you get very creative results.

In the processing of the shots, I’ve created a “cooler” look by reducing the warm colours (red, yellow, magenta) a little and adding in more blues. It’s a look that’s present on the Apprentice this year, so thought it may add a little extra “zing” to the shots.

The next meeting’s date has yet to be announced, so keep an eye on @cabture on Twitter as Rob will be broadcasting it soon. A meeting well worth going to, especially if you’re new to networking as it is a very open, relaxed and friendly event.

Here are some more photos from the evening.

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