Car Photography Workshop – TVR and Porsche

Grand Finale Car Photography Workshop for 2015


We’ve done 3 great Car Photography workshops this summer, the final one was at Temple Newsham in Leeds – where we have a huge car park full of puddles and a gritty feel. Something to contrast to the other workshops.

The cars were

  • TVR T350
  • TVR Wedge – 2 of these
  • TVR Tuscan
  • Porsche 911 – 2 of these

A great mix of colour, style and shape – all organised by Richard Lee, who runs the TVR club of West Yorkshire.

Photography Stuff…

Porsche at out Car Photography Workshop
Porsche at out Car Photography Workshop

The night was…

  1. demonstration on how to shoot cars from different angles (1/3 – 2/3 splits, front shots, low and high angles, etc.)
  2. use of polarisers
  3. group shots of the cars – see the 2 porsches and TVR groups
  4. single car shots at sunset – especially the Tuscan and T350
  5. Flash – full demonstration on setting up 3 modified flashes (softboxes)
  6. Flash shots for everyone – using long exposures, we had 8 lenses pointing at the cars, each getting a “burst of flash” ! 1 Trigger, 8 photos
  7. Reflection shots – Tuscan and Wedge by a huge pond, with 3 flashes lighting it
  8. Spark shots – same as the reflection shots, but with me creating “katerine wheel” sparks with wire wool in the background
  9. Light Painting – finally, a very quick demo of using torches to light subjects at night, with red and blue coloured “gels”

An awful lot of content and I’m┬áhope it’s whetted people’s appetites for more night photography over the Autumn and Winter.


The Photos

Here they are…. a small selection from the 140 shots I got.


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