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August 23, 2012 / / Automobiles

The Kia Sportage Matt Netherwood of Further Reflections did an amazing job of detailing his new Kia Sportage. Here is a selection of shots taken in the Pennines Рsunset was a bonus!

July 25, 2012 / / Discussion

A few people mentioned to me that they’d like to know more about “posing” people, and in on of the McFade Training Taster workshops last year, I covered some ideas – maybe ones which surprised people. The “by the book” posing techniques will produce just that – by the book, traditional shots of people. They remind me of those Victorian family portraits, everyone looking stiff and¬†uncomfortable. With creative photography, the McFade approach, we’re after something a bit more interesting – wanting to reveal something about the person rather than duplicating…

April 29, 2012 / / Blog

So many landscapes have these amazing sunsets, nuclear red skies with amazing orange hues…. Do you think they “really” looked like that when the photographer was there? Here’s a demo of how easy they are to fake in Lightroom 4…. Original Look Tone and Saturation changes Tidy up dust and lift the dark areas Lens correction And that’s it really – just click on the photo to advance through the images