Claire’s Band Shoot…

Check out the amazing voice….

Had a fun shoot with Claire Colbran, jazz singer in these 2 bands, backing singer in the Chicago Blues Brothers and rather excellent on trombone too… a Colbran family thing apparently!


The Photography Bit

So we had 3 lights – 2 behind at 45 degrees, one at the front at about 20 degrees. Rears were un-gelled with shoot through brollies, front was 1/2 CTO on a softbox.

Most shots were taken with the Canon 17-40 F4 L & 5D Mark 2 -with the occasional 70-200mm shot. Space dictated the lens choice.

The Shots

Claire now has colour versions of all these, and I also created some black and white shots too – which I really liked so here they are…

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