Europe’s Highest Waterfall – Krimmler, Austria


Europe’s Biggest Waterfall!

Europe’s biggest waterfall was the highlight of day 2 of our Austria trip, a trip through the usual “breathtaking” landscape (not hyperbole, it really is!) found us at the foot of this monster 1200 foot tall fall.

It’s not all in one giant cascade – but over several smaller cascades, many of which would be a few hundred feet in their own right.

It’s a fair climb through some woods to see the falls – though they have built many viewing platforms which allow you to both rest and get some shots.

Pub at the Top

As with most Austrian climbs up falls and gorges, there is a place to eat and drink at the top – you need it on this on! Very traditional food on offer – or something a little more recognisable like a schnitzel if you’re not so brave!

Here are the photos…

Fast shutter speed detail shot from the lower falls.

083 austria tirol krimler waterfall


Sun cascades over the lower trees on the way up the climb – long lens with wide aperture to separate the trees and fall

066 austria tirol krimler waterfall


The highest part of the falls, a short walk from the pub – you can climb up these, but we chose to photograph them and head back down

171 austria tirol krimler waterfall-Edit


A pair of middle cascades, each around 50-100 feet. A challenge to compose a shot with them both in.

164 austria tirol krimler waterfall


Same falls, just processed to bring out textures in the rocks

163 austria tirol krimler waterfall-Edit


Long lens, long exposure to get the detail and colour of the water –  a jade or green hue.

140 austria tirol krimler waterfall


Detail with fast shutter, taken from very close to the pub with the 70-200 lens
116 austria tirol krimler waterfall


The lower falls taken with 17-40mm lens, long exposure and polariser used – hence the deep blues in the sky

094 austria tirol krimler waterfall-Edit


Some of our group – from the left, Danny, Kirsty, Jackie, Kieth and Matt in the hat!

150 austria tirol krimler waterfall


Cascade just below the pub – a more covered area so better taken with the longer lenses. This used the 70-200

057 austria tirol krimler waterfall-Edit


Long exposure from an opening in the trees low down on the climb – we were all nice and cool, and sweat free at this point! 048 austria tirol krimler waterfall


A vista of the lower falls looking out into the valley.

101 austria tirol krimler waterfallAnd2more-Edit


And finally – the view of the whole fall – it’s a monster, if you’re not too fit, it may be worth just driving up here and using a 500mm lens to get closer to each step of the fall!

266 austria tirol krimler waterfall

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