Free Lightroom Tips, Tricks and Photo Critique – Episode 12

Lightroom Tips Episode 12

Architecture, Landscape and a Cyclist

This week we’ve got a first – more black and white than colour shots!

We have some great shots from Hull, Malham and a desert somewhere – with weird plants!

Main tips this week are on cropping, reducing “clarity issues” and adding drama to shots

Here’s the video

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Feedback on your shots is an amazing thing – it’s letting a second pair of eyes appraise what you’ve done, eyes which will have differing views and opinions, ideas and concepts – all of which you can choose to ignore of course .

Without feedback, you never really know how the world sees your photos – “likes” on social media are given from friends to friends, so the numbers are largely meaningless.

Please do take advantage of this free service whilst it lasts – it’s anonymous so no one at McFade knows who the shots are, hence it’s unbiased. Also nobody watching the video will know who’s shots they are either.


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