Get Me to the Shoot On Time!

The Problem…

[message type=”info”]If you have a meeting at 11, say, at a place 15 miles away – what time should you set off to get there on time? [/message]

Hard to say isn’t it – what are the roads like, is there traffic? Anything else?

The “Geeky” Solution…

Here’s what I started doing…

  1. Get your phone out
  2. Open your satnav – download “WAZE” if you don’t have one
  3. Type in the destination address
  4. Let it work out the route
  5. It gives you an arrival time…

Just keep an eye on your phone – it knows about traffic updates, it has the route planned, it tells you when you’ll arrive IF you set off NOW!

So maybe set off when it 10 minutes before your shoot (or meeting) and the job is, as they say, a good un.

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