It’s Grim Up North

Give me grey and day

There’s nothing more boring than a blue sky to us photographers! 

So when we got this dramatic sky all day on my last trip to the northeast, it really was a gift. 

Pinnacle Bridge, Sunderland

First off we went south to see the new bridge in Sunderland. It’s the tallest thing in town and really is pretty huge – you can easily see it from the A19 as you pass the city. 

These are all taken with the 5DIV and the 24mTS-e mark 2 with a polariser. 

Penshaw Monument

Just upstream a few miles on the Wear, the Parthenon inspired monument stands on a hill looking over the A1 and A19. 

It was a windy day, but when you walked up to the monument, it was blowing a gale! 

The best shots were these with the 24mm TS lens, vertical panoramic shots to keep everything nice and square. 

This shot is close up with a 16mm lens and 10-stop filter to get the smooth clouds. 

South Shields

As we headed north, we went to the mouth of the Tyne to get a few shots of the harbour – the south side is called South Shields. 

There is a big red lighthouse type thing on the harbourside which is pretty cool, and the view over to the North Shields Fish Quay was pretty cool with a 10-Stop filter on.

Sunset at Blyth

Not the most famous Northumberland town by a long stretch, but it’s got a couple of great beach hut terraces which always photograph well. There are also views down the coast to St Mary’s Lighthouse.

Light Painting the Huts

And to finish the day off we did a very quick bit of light painting whilst there was still texture in the sky… 


As you can see, it really is grim up north – but pretty cool to photograph!

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