Leeds Architecture 2020

There’s a lot of new building going on in Leeds, so on a rare sunny February day I decided to take the 5D Mark IV and the 24mm tilt Shift lens out and going capture some of the new and classic architectural delights.

Wellington Place

 I decided to start at the new Wellington Place developments which is immediately west of the train station.  This is a new village-style development of interestingly shaped office blocks with tall vertical windows. I managed to catch a lot of images from the outside pavements but when when I went into the complex itself, I found that you needed permission to take photographs on site,  so I decided to move onto somewhere a little more positive towards photographers.

Next to the station

From here I went up to the riverbank to the station, via this really tall new building which was beautifully lit. Past the new Channel 4 HQ at The Majestic and into City Square. Nothing particularly new here but some nice buildings including the 1 with a tent on top. I think it’s called one City Square.

City Square

After the I’d spotted a lot of new student accommodation being built near to the arena,  so headed up that direction how to find my old workplace, Fairfax House. , and you things being put up next to the Merrion Centre.

Fairfax House

By this time the light was getting nice and low creating a lot of shadow on the street and beautifully lit buildings, 

New build by the Merrion Centre

And then the inevitable happened,  the sun dropped behind a cloud leaving all the buildings in  Shadows. a typical grey Leeds day. so I decided to get a couple of shots of the town hall and Civic Hall before heading home

Here are a few more shots from the day

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