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McFade Training hits Wensleydale

_MG_5412-2 Our 2013 Landscape trips have been a cold affair so far – wensleydale was no exception with show and ice in just about every shot. Meeting near Skipton then traversing Wharfdale via Kilnsey Cragg and the waterfalls near Cray, we started at West Burton Force. _MG_5123 Its setting is as beautiful as the water itself – a small cliff with jewel like icicles all over it. From here we went to the main attraction – Aysgarth, where we enjoyed the lower falls – from all angles. They are especially beautiful from below the lower falls – looking back up the cascades of water, using the pocked rock as a foreground. _MG_5281 Next was lunch – the chippy in Hawes. A proper treat, always great chips from there and gives you little break before heading out again. With the snow and ice, we had to see the Buttertubs – so headed up the 1760 foot pass to gaze down the huge holes. the waterfall was a huge column of ice, disappearing down to the foot of the tub. _MG_5273 As a bonus we popped down into Swaledale, a narrow, deep and dramatic dale just north of Wensleydale. Keld has a lovely waterfall, so we went to see what the ice had done there… it was like a cathedral of white, with icicle after icicle surrounding the place like icing around a wedding cake!  _MG_5099 As sunset approached we slowly headed back towards Semerwater, taking in a few stops for the dramatic views over to Ingleborough and the occasional sheep, standing to attention. _MG_5375  At semerwater we saw the classic “landscaper” quandry… the light seemed to have gone, so most headed back to the car to pack up… but I stuck it out a little longer, to be treated to 10 minutes of red sky. Needless to say everyone unpacked quickly and got in on the action. _MG_5295 All in all, a great day with a great group of people – and lots of new skills passed on to help them make the most of the landscape. _MG_5433

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