Leeds Band Photography on the Bridge

Leeds Band Photography by McFade Photography!   As well as photographing  everything and anything, I also play piano and keyboards in 2 bands – one being the Blues Brother’s tribute band “Sweet Home Chicago”. The Band got a fantastic brass section comprising of Greg, Sam and Chris, and they seem to be in about 1000 bands between …

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McFade Training

  Click here to see the McFade Training Promo   After teaching, coaching and running workshops on Photography for the last few years, we’ve created a new branch of the McFade Photography business called “McFade Training”. Our philosophy is that to become a “creative” photographer, you really need to understand how you camera works, how to get …

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Bradford Switch Networking – the opening night

A new dawn in Bradford Networking   Rob and Jag – the guys behind Bradford Switch Yesterday, a new networking group was born – the brainchild of Jag Panesar and Rob Ives, Bradford Switch is a relaxed, friendly way to meet new business contacts and build relationships. The first meeting was in The Sparrow, a …

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Where to shoot ?

How much difference does “location” make to your images? Obviously landscape and architecture are totally reliant on location, but with subjects such as portraits, products and cars, you can choose to shoot in the studio or choose a location to create something totally different. Getting outside with the camera and lights is definitely a technical …

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McFade Media Shoots

What does social media profile shot really say about you? Does your business benefit from meeting new contacts and networking? McFade Media shoots combines networking with business people and creating fantastic profile shots for ALL your media use:- Twitter/LinkedIN/Facebook – your online presence your website your promo work – also send them to clients for …

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Camera control simulator

Here’s a really handy online tool to help you work out how things like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length and ISO all work http://camerasim.com/camera-simulator.html Well worth a look if you own a DSLR

5 Landscape Photography Locations in Yorkshire

Unlocking the Secrets of Yorkshire Landscape Photography: Where to Start? Yorkshire is not just a county; it’s a canvas for Yorkshire landscape photography. With its towering coastal cliffs, rugged limestone formations, ancient stone walls, and mesmerising waterfalls, Yorkshire is a haven for photographers. But where should one start their Yorkshire landscape photography journey? To guide …

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I used to work on dairy farms, so am pretty used to cows and their general demeanour – inquisitive, curious and usually pretty friendly. Just move slowly and they’ll hang around you for a while – feed them a bit of grass and you’ll get a nice tongue photo like this! Here’s a few shots …

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Exhibition in Abbot Hall, Kendal, November 2011

McFade photography are happy to announce that we will be putting on an exhibition at Abbot Hall in Kendal in November 2011. The Abbot Hall website is here http://www.abbothall.org.uk/coffee-shop-exhibitions for directions. The title of the exhibition is “North East-West”, taking photographs from the west coast to the east coast of northern England. These will include …

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Everyone hates having their portrait taken…… at first

Out of your comfort zone Unless you are a model, you are completely out of your comfort zone. No one has a camera pointing at them, like a sniper, in normal life. You will be uncomfortable. So the photographers adds in all the lights flashing, other unfamiliar gizmos like reflectors, snoots and softboxes, and then puts you in …

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9 Profile Photo Types – Which Are You?

LINKED IN – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – all need a great profile photo We all social media – we’re all on Linked IN, Facebook and Twitter, they all use profile photograph to identify us. In most cases, this photo is the first impression people have of you! So what impression is your profile photo giving? Recognise Yourself – The 10 Profile …

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Mystery Video

Here’s a video I created, with original music created on the Triton Extreme, to promote the Aim Space end of my business. Its a teaser… Aimspace teaser video