PR Shoot – Andy Green


Photographer “Directs” the Director

Andy Green of “Video Advert” spends his days directing and creating promotional videos for businesses around the UK – so the “directorial boot” was certainly on the other foot for our PR shoot. Used to showing people how to present and perform, Andy now was in front of the camera and, like me, obviously was far more at home behind it!

BiY Associates Working Together


A fellow BiY Associate, we met at their HQ, Carwood Park and used the atrium and grounds as our backdrop. Starting off with a white background in a meeting room, then gradually progressing around using a sofa, stairs and the cool brushed steel banisters, we got some great “business” shots.

Take the Studio Outside


Andy’s an “outdoors” kinda guy, so we headed out into the freezing Carrwood gardens (there was still about 4 inches of snow on the grass) and created some dramatic shots with brooding skies along with lots of “nature friendly” backgrounds.

By this stage we were having fun, all the earlier reservations had gone and ideas were flowing – got some great shots in the bright spring sun (which is technically quite challenging to light).

Most of the shots Andy chose were outside – once you are relaxed and enjoying the shoot, the photos become far more engaging and we see the “real you”.


The shots speak for themselves really – a mixture of looks which can be used for every conceivable business purpose, from the reasonably serious “suited” shots, to the cool “sat on the stairs” look, the Outdoors Guy look to the “Chilling on a sofa”.

The lighting we used will make the shots stand out where ever they are used – be that on Linked IN, or in a flyer campaign, an article in a trade magazine or whatever Andy chooses to do with them.

It’s hard to emphasise power great photos of yourself add to your business presence…. until you get great shots of your own… then you’ll “get it”.

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